The School of Foreign Languages ​​at Hebei University of Technology hires talents at home and abroad( Recruitment 澳门新葡官网进入网站of perennial year)

The predecessor of Hebei University of Technology was founded in1903 The Beiyang Craft Academy of the Year, It is one of the earliest colleges and universities in my country that cultivates industrial talents, Founded the earliest university-run factory in the country。1929 Annual renamed Hebei Provincial School of Industrial,199澳门新葡官网进入网站5 Annual renamed Hebei University of Technology。 School1996 In the first batch of the country“211 Engineering” Key construction of colleges and universities;2014 Nian from Hebei Province、 The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education built;2017 Year, Selected country“ Double first-class” Construction college。120 Over the years, School always upholds“ Xinggong report to the country” Traditionally and“ Qin Shengong Zhong” School Training 澳门新葡官网进入网站Spirit, Formed“ Working together” School running characteristics, Trained for the country31 More than 10,000 outstanding graduates。 In recent years, Material Science、 Chemistry、 Engineering3 Enter the field of disciplines separatelyESI Global ranking1%, Not keeping forward。2020 Annual evaluation“ National Civilized Campus”。

The School of Foreign Languages ​​of Hebei University of Technology was established at2002 Year6 month, Existing faculty澳门新葡官网进入网站110 Others。 The college has English、 Japanese、 Three French undergraduate majors, A master's degree in translation(MTI) Authorized point, and public English teaching、 Public English Teaching Two、 Public English Teaching Three Public Language Teaching Institutions, Responsible for foreign language majors and undergraduate students、 Public foreign language teaching work for graduate students。 At the same time, The college has foreign literature res澳门新葡官网进入网站earch and translation centers、 International Service Center、 Academic English Center、 Disciplinary Competition Center、 IELTS test site and other institutions, At a service school“ Double first-class” It plays an important role in internationalization of school。

a、 Recruitment position

1. Discipline leader50 Doctoral professor under the age of age

It should have English、 Japanese、 French professional background, There is a greater influ澳门新葡官网进入网站ence in the field of the subject。 Linguistics、 The direction of translation is preferred。 Deep academic accumulation、 Excellent background of education45 Associate Professor under the age of age, Affordable。

2. Youth Academic backbone35 Excellent PhDs under the age of age

It should have English、 Japanese、 French、 Russian、 Korean and other professional backgrounds。 Literature、 Linguistics、 Translation、 Comparison literature and cross-cultural、 Guo an澳门新葡官网进入网站d regional research can, Fresh graduates preferred。

3. Dedicated part-time translation teacher、 Similar interpretation teachers

Practice experience, Hold the second or above interpretation certificate, Able to offer related courses and participate in professional construction、 Course Construction。

Current, Academy urgently lack of translation、 Linguistics、 Regional and national research and other direction subject leaders and young doctoral tale澳门新葡官网进入网站nts, Schools and colleges provide good treatment and good teaching and scientific research conditions for qualified talents, Welcome to people at home and abroad to submit resumes。

2、 job requirements:

Leaders who support the Communist Party of China, Love the motherland, Love Education; Compliance with the law, Pin line up, Love post dedication, Have good professional ethics; physical and mental health, Good at learning, A sense of coope澳门新葡官网进入网站ration and innovation, Have good professional background and development potential。

3、 Application materials
      Personal resume; Ben、 Shuo、 Graduation certificate at all stages、 Copy of a degree certificate; The thesis is on the masterpiece2-3 Article( Department); A copy of the award certificate。

Personal resume should include: From the beginning of university to the application position, I do not interrupted during the application position、 Work r澳门新葡官网进入网站esume, Paper published in recent years、 Works、 The teaching and research undertaken、 Scientific research projects and other content, Contact number、 Electronic mailbox、 Personal photos and other information。

5、 Contact information

1. Contact: Zhang Hongchun

2. Contact number:022-60435578( Mobile phone number:13110000406)


4. Contact address:300401 Tianjin Hongqiao District, Dingzigu Road No. 8, School of 澳门新葡官网进入网站Foreign Languages ​​from Hebei University of Technology。