Introduction to the School of Foreign Languages ​​of Hebei University of Technology

The School of Foreign Languages ​​of Hebei University of Technology was established at2002 Year6 month, Existing faculty110 Others。 The college has an English department、 Japanese、 Three undergraduate majors in the French Department, A graduate degree authorization poin澳门新葡官网进入网站t(MTI), and public English teaching、 Public English Teaching Two、 Public English teaching institutions such as the three books of public English teaching, undertake the foreign language major of the whole hospital and the undergraduate students of the whole school、 Public foreign language teaching work of graduate students。 At the same time, The college has foreign literature research and translation centers、 Interna澳门新葡官网进入网站tional Service Center、 Discipline Contest Center、 Academic English Center and Hebei University of Technology IELTS test point, It is an important platform for promoting daily teaching and scientific research and international service。

College teachers strong。 Existing full-time teachers110 Others, Among them, professor、 Associate Professor40 Others, Most teachers have doctoral or master's degrees, Most of them have experience i澳门新葡官网进入网站n studying abroad or foreign training, The college's majors have long-term foreign teachers。

College has good teaching conditions。 Data Room Collection10000 Books, Middle、 English、 Day、 Method、 Russia and other journal magazines70 species, Newspaper22 species, And there are multiple languages ​​and audiovisual materials for teachers、 Student use。 The college has an advanced translation laboratory、 British and Japanese-F澳门新葡官网进入网站rench professional scenario training room、 Translation Workshop and other teaching facilities。 School Experimental Training Center has a voice room for foreign language teaching36 room, Among them, the digital voice room7 room, Audio and video playback、 Session、 Recording and other functions。

The development positioning of the college is: Foreign Language Discipline helps to push the level of high levels of uni澳门新葡官网进入网站versity construction, Do the construction of three platforms: The construction of a foreign language professional discipline、14222-14242。 Where, The construction of a foreign language professional platform is the core and faucet of the construction of foreign language disciplines, While ensuring the quality of the three undergraduate majors, Actively fill the blank, Comprehensively improve the level of discipline con澳门新葡官网进入网站struction; Public foreign language teaching and service platform construction is the central task of the construction of foreign language disciplines, To steadily improve our undergraduate students、 Master student、 Doctoral students ordinary English and academic English(ESP) Level; Foreign language service platform is a necessary supplement and extension expansion for the construction of foreign language disciplines, 澳门新葡官网进入网站To ensure the scale of the majority of middle-aged and middle-agent teachers in our school、 Systemic academic foreign language training effect、 Improve the level of language education and cultural exchange in foreign cooperative school、 Promoting our school's foreign exchange work, Create a good campus humanistic environment。

The characteristics of the School of Foreign Languages ​​are:

 1) Teaching、 Scientific Resear澳门新葡官网进入网站ch、 Youngization of the management team、 Professional

College11 Individual、 Department、 The average age of the center of the center is40 Under the age of age, Among them, professor2 Name、 Associate Professor7 Name, Dr.3 Name, The rest are well-known universities at home and abroad, and actively prepare for a doctorate degree。 Most teachers in the hospital have a master's degree, Have good career development potential and plasticity。 In r澳门新葡官网进入网站ecent years, schools have allocated special funds, Selected batch of backbone teachers to go abroad for training and studies。

2) Systematic of the development of the scientific research team、 Collaborative

Current, College with key disciplines at the school“ Foreign Linguistics and Application Linguistics” Relying on, It has been divided“ Application Linguistics”、“ Foreign Literature and Culture” and“ Translation 澳门新葡官网进入网站theory and practice” Three research directions。 Each direction is research on subject ontology, With a high degree of discipline systemic, and set up the corresponding subject team, Discipline leaders have doctoral degrees and senior titles。 Disciplinary team conducts discussions and report activities every two weeks, and actively participate in academic conferences and exchanges at home and abroad。 There is a good 澳门新葡官网进入网站subject collaboration relationship between members of the subject team, Whether it is basic theoretical research or project application and implementation, Both team members can take advantage of it、 Give full play to your research advantages, Keep exercise your own research ability, Improve the level of research。

3) The long-term effect of academic exchanges with academic exchanges、 Diversified

College persistence“ Autonomou澳门新葡官网进入网站s training as the main, International joint training as supplement” School running policy, Efforts to cultivate students' comprehensive quality, Expansion of students' international vision, Opportunities for further studies and employment creation for students。 College and Linglu University in Japan、 Japan Chiba Business University、 University of Arswar, France、 University of Belgium Liege、 Venus State University, 澳门新葡官网进入网站USA、 Stirling University in the United Kingdom signed a exchange learning or joint training project agreement。 Among them, the Ling Lapu International University Cooperation Project of Japanese Primary School has been in many graduates, Student employment and further studies are good。 Domestic and foreign experts and scholars often come to the college to give a speech or hold an academic lecture, From teaching、 Scientif澳门新葡官网进入网站ic Research、 Academic Exchange、 International Education Cooperation and other aspects active the academic and humanistic atmosphere of the college, The effect is obvious。 Another, The college also actively encourages teachers to participate in various councils、 Research Association、 Academic Symposium and various business training, Greed up teachers' teaching and research vision to the greatest extent, Improve the pr澳门新葡官网进入网站ofessional development ability of teachers。

   2017 Year, The college has hosted the No. 112 The National Library Dictionary Academic Symposium and No. 15 International Symposium on Dictionary and Two-Yu Teaching、 Tianjin University Translation Contest, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages ​​of Hebei Province( Director of the Department of Department) Joint meetings also successfully held in our hospital twice。 At the same time澳门新葡官网进入网站, Many brother units have also come to our hospital for work visit and experience exchange, Commodity information between the two parties、 Learn each other, Common Development。 The influence of the college at home and abroad is continuously expanded, Created a good peripheral space for the healthy development of the college。

In recent years, The youngest as the school、 It is also one of the most dynamic colleges。 The leadership team of the For澳门新葡官网进入网站eign Language Institute is united and aggressive, Clear thinking, Teaching、 The construction of the subject team is effective, The development trend of the college is exciting。 Construction through a professional platform for foreign language disciplines、 Construction of Public Foreign Language Teaching Platform、 Construction of a foreign language service platform, strongly promoted school“ Double first-class” Univer澳门新葡官网进入网站sity Construction, It has played an indispensable role in humanities。

College hard practice internal skills, Unremitting efforts, Continuously won the second prize and third prize of Hebei Provincial Teaching Achievements, The first prize of the basic skills competition of Tianjin University Teacher Teachers、 Second prize and third prize, Published a number of foreign language core journals, Get the National Social Science Fun澳门新葡官网进入网站d、 Hebei Provincial Social Science Fund、 Tianjin Social Science Fund、 Multiple items of Youth Fund of the Ministry of Education and National Education Planning Project, Students have won various discipline competition prizes and first prizes, Northern Waiwai、 Peking University、 Northern Langu、 North Normal University、 Outside、 Guangwai、 Shanghai Jiaotong University、 Economic and Trade Big、 China Media、 Graduate stude澳门新葡官网进入网站nts from Nankai or famous universities abroad, and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs、 Ministry of Finance、 Ministry of Education、 Xinhua News Agency、 CCTV、 People's Bank of China、 Foreign companies、 City Key High School and EMU, I won a higher reputation for employment for the School of Foreign Languages。

The Party Committee of the College has always attached importance to party building and ideological and political work, 澳门新葡官网进入网站Actively give play to the role of group organizations。 Actively focus on party building around the college center, Tightly cooperate with the construction of the three major platforms of the college。 College has won the Tianjin Education System“ Chuangxian strives to give priority to grass-roots party organizations”,“ Tianjin civilized unit”、“ Advanced collective”、“ Tianjin 38 Red Flag Collective”、“ Tianjin Education 澳门新葡官网进入网站System Advanced grass-roots party organization" and other honors, The double harvest of the school's business development and the work of party building in ideology。

The School of Foreign Languages ​​in the construction of the three platforms has come over more than ten spring and autumn, College teachers and students consistent、 Together with the same effort, Education and teaching、 Discipline Construction、 Talent training、 Interna澳门新葡官网进入网站tional cooperation and other tasks have been drove in an orderly and developing fast track。 School of Foreign Languages ​​from Hebei University of Technology: Challenge and opportunities are with、 Youth and Dream forever。( Data statistics deadline2021 Year5 month)